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K681/1/430/75 · late 19th century · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

Stowupland Street showing the Pickerel pub, the bridge and the maltings

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K681/1/400/27 · c. 1890 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

J. Whiting, roaster, Snape Maltings

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K681/1/209/88 · c1900 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

colour postcard - the quay and maltings

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K681/1/209/89 · c1908 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

postcard, pmk 1908 - the quay and maltings, addressee Mrs J A Woods of Ipswich

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Small estate, Boxford

HE402/1/1880/32 · 28 Jun 1880 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

Small estate opposite the White Hart, Boxford, comprising dwelling house, malting office and 3 cottages
Sold by direction of the Trustee for sale of the will of Mr. Robert Hart, Deceased
Map; anno...

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Corn mill, Flint Wharf, and leasehold property, Ipswich

HE402/1/1852/26 · 19 Aug 1852 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

Steam corn mill, warehouse and premises abutting on the road leading from St Peter's Street to Stoke Bridge (lot 1); house, malting office, buildings and 107 rods of land abutting upon "Griffin Wh...

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The Bell Inn, Crowfield; The Griffin Inn, Ipswich

HE402/1/1870/16 · 5 Jul 1870 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

The Bell Inn, Crowfield, comprising house, yard and garden, agricultural buildings, a malting, and 12 acres of land (lot 1); The Griffin Inn abutting upon The Mount, Lady Lane, Ipswich (lot 2).

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White Hart Inn and properties in Lime Tree Place, Stowmarket. Properties in Brook Vale and The Street, Rattlesden

HE402/1/1867/13 · 14 Jun 1867 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

The White Hart Inn, 5 dwelling houses, all in Lime Tree Place, Stowmarket. Dwelling house and shop, The Street, with attached malt office abutting on Half Moon Lane; mercantile property including ...

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Brewery & premises in St Peter’s Street; The Golden Lion Inn, Cornhill; The King’s Head Inn near the Cornhill; malting office in Foundation Street; house and premises (formerly The Blue Posts Public House) in St Margaret’s & St Helens; Great White Horse tavern; all in Ipswich. The White Lion Inn, Aldeburgh; The Swan and The Golden Lion public houses in Harwich.

HE402/1/1828/1 · 4 Jul 1828 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

Brewery & premises, malting office, inns and public houses in Ipswich, Aldeburgh and Harwich, all the property of the late firm of Studd, Halliday and Acton for sale in 9 lots.

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Brewery, house and premises, College Street, Ipswich

HE402/1/1833/8 · 22 Oct 1833 · Suffolk Record Office Ipswich Branch

Brewery, College Street, Ipswich, in the parish of St Peter's, late Lines and Fisher, comprising dwelling house, malting office, mill house and brewery, spirit warehouse. By order of the commissi...

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