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Putting Flesh on the Bones of our Ancestors

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds

Putting Flesh on the Bones of our Ancestors

Event / Lecture, talk or reading
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
22/02/2018 - 22/03/2018

A series of five workshops given by experienced family and local history researcher, Sarah Doig. In each session, Sarah will delve into the wealth of fascinating sources of information which provide details of our ancestors, their lives and the places they inhabited. So, if you are either a newcomer to family history, a more experienced user of archives who wants to learn more, or interested in exploring information about the house or locality you live in, these talks are for you. WHO? This workshop will cover the more familiar “building blocks” which give us the basic details about our ancestors such as census returns, wills and parish registers. Sarah will explore some of the less obvious pieces of information in the sources which are easily overlooked. WHAT? A look at the archival sources which provide us with information how our ancestors were educated and what they did for a living. These will include delving into school records, trade and occupational directories and armed service records. WHEN? A session that will focus primarily on newspapers; an amazing treasure trove of information about people and places from the early 1700s onwards. Find out more about our criminal ancestors, property sales, bankruptcy and all manner of village events. WHERE? An exploration mainly of sources in the archives which tell us about where our ancestors lived. Sarah will show the range of maps available to family and local historians, as well as looking at some of the ways in which our ancestors were taxed over the centuries. HOW? This final session delves into documents which tell us about how our forebears coped with poverty, sickness, illegitimate children and other trials and tribulations of life. Sarah will show archival examples to illustrate this intriguing aspect of our family and local history.

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