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Make rainbow chains

 You will need:

    • Coloured paper
    • Glue
    • Scissors

Step one: Fold your coloured paper in half lengthways, and half again lengthways. When you unfold it, it should have several lines like below. Repeat this with each colour of paper.

Step two: Cut along the lines of each piece of paper until you have a few strips of each colour.

Step three: Glue the top section of your first strip, about ¼ of the way.

Step four: Fold the strip to create a ring shape, sticking the bottom of the strip under the glued top of the strip.

Step five: Glue the next coloured strip, about ¼ of the way, like you did before.

Step six: Feed the strip through the red ring, glue side facing up.

Step seven: Fold the orange ring in the same way as before, sticking the bottom of the strip underneath the glued top half.

Step eight: Do the same with your other strips, alternating colours.

Step nine: That’s it! How long can you make your rainbow chain?!