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Make rainbow bunting

You will need:

  • Bunting templates (download and print here, or copy the design onto A4 paper)
  • A4 white paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Holepunch
  • Craft supplies to decorate your bunting, such as colouring pencils and stickers

Step 1: Carefully cut out your templates with scissors.

Step two: Design your bunting – be creative!

Step three: Hole punch two holes on each corner at the top of the bunting.

Step four: Cut a long piece of string – you can cut off the excess later.

Step five: Thread the string INTO the left hole of your first piece of bunting.

Step six: Thread the string OUT of the right hole in your first piece of bunting.

Step seven: Pull the string through the bunting until there is a small amount left, and tie a big knot to stop the string going through the hole.

Step eight: Thread the string on the right INTO the left hole of your next piece of bunting.

Step nine: Thread the string OUT of the right hole, and continue this process until all of your bunting is threaded onto the string.

Step ten: Thread the string through the last hole and tie another large knot.

Step eleven: You’re done! You can hang your bunting with pride wherever you like.