‘Land and Shore’ to launch

Land and Shore – a journey to discover lost communities

An exciting new heritage and creative arts project is about to be launched across East Suffolk, offering residents the opportunity to become involved across Lowestoft, Dunwich and Ipswich.

Launching on August 28th at Ness Point (see below), ‘Land and Shore’ was designed by Suffolk Record Office and the Voice cLoud and will explore the stories of three lost communities across east Suffolk:

  • THE BEACH VILLAGE, LOWESTOFT – once home to a thriving fishing community in the 18th and 19th centuries of nearly 3000 people living in just 500 houses and cottages, all working in the fishing industry.
  • DUNWICH – once an international port and centre for the shipping trade, devastated by great storms in the 13th and 14th centuries which redefined the coastline and saw the sea go on to claim most of the town, including four churches.
  • ALTON WATER – a valley near the village of Tattingstone in the Shotley Peninsula; which at one time included Alton water mill and Alton Hall, was flooded during the 1970s and ‘80s to provide the area with water.

‘Land and Shore’ will use printed local studies books and archive sources, including maps, photographs, diaries, oral histories, newscuttings and ephemera available at Suffolk Record Office, with a view to promoting engagement with Suffolk’s heritage and to bring to life this important history for new audiences.

The Voice cLoud is an arts and music organisation who use the role of the creative arts to promote heritage and culture and to explore the positive impact of music and the arts on health and wellbeing. Working with a group of individuals for each lost community, they will identify resources and archives which can be used to help these stories reach wider communities and new audiences.

Participants will explore and research using a variety of history and multi-arts professionals to recreate the stories of these ‘lost communities’ in a fun and innovative way using drama and music which will be shared through performance.

There will be a taster day offering more information about the project and focussing on each lost community during September and October.  For more information, to book a place on a taster or to receive a participant pack, please email sharing.suffolk.stories@suffolk.gov.uk.  No experience is necessary, and anybody is welcome to participate.

The launch event starts at 11.30am on August 28th at Ness Point, and features performances by the Rogue Shanty Buoys, refreshments and a singing workshop to participate in!  To book a place, please email Amy at sharing.suffolk.stories@suffolk.gov.uk.

Rogue Shanty Buoys

‘Land and Shore’ is a ‘Sharing Suffolk Stories’ project and part of a countywide Activity Plan for ‘The Hold – A Suffolk Archives Service for the 21st Century’.  The Hold is a partnership between Suffolk County Council and the University of Suffolk, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.