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Norah Lofts

After attending the Guildhall Feoffment Girls School and the County Grammar School for Girls, Norah Robinson trained as a teacher in Norwich before returning to Bury St Edmunds to teach at her former schools.

In 1936, writing under her married name, Norah Lofts published her first novel ‘Here was a Man’ before going on to write over forty historical novels, many of which are set in Suffolk. She wrote a number of short stories, biographies and other works of non fiction together with several stories for children. Norah Lofts also wrote a number of thrillers under the pseudonyms of Juliet Astley and Peter Curtis.

She married her second husband Robert in 1949 and as Norah Jorisch stood as a Town Councillor for Bury St Edmunds from 1957 to 1962.  Bury Record Office holds copies of her novels in the Local Studies Collection.