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Research Service

Stuck on a branch of your family tree? Looking for information for a research project? Live too far away to visit us? Need a new approach when the trail goes cold?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might need our research service. Commission our researchers to search for information on a number of subjects including family, property or local history. This service is useful for both beginner and experienced researchers who need help accessing our documents.

You will need to tell us:

  • A clear idea of the subject you would like to be researched; please include any previous research or information you are aware of.
  • The amount of time you would like to pay for; you will need to provide payment in advance with your application.
  • Any copies or reproductions you would like; there will be a charge for any copies provided.

Once we have this information our researchers will examine our records for relevant information and supply a report outlining the sources consulted and the results of their investigations.

Research should proceed logically, with supporting evidence, from the known to the unknown; our researchers will undertake thorough searches of our indexes, archive collections, catalogues, documents along with any other relevant information.

With any search, we cannot guarantee that you will find the information you are looking for. Records may be missing, damaged, difficult to decipher, or just not exist at all.  However, a negative result can be just as useful, although we prefer a positive one!

We aim to deal with enquiries in the order they are received. Our researchers will discuss the current waiting times for the research service with you. This is a popular service and delays may occur at busy times.

Once the search has been completed you will receive a report containing:

  • Details of the sources consulted
  • Recommendations of further research
  • Photocopies and other reproduced material where appropriate (there will be a charge for these.)
Glemsford Burial Register 1813-1875

Glemsford Burial Register 1813-1875

How to request some research

Please fill in a Research Form and send it to the appropriate branch.

Our current charges are £22 for half an hour and £36 per hour. If you are unsure of how much research time you need you can commission an initial search which can be extended later on agreement with your researcher.

An invoice will be raised for the work and customers can pay this in a variety of ways.

Recent research results and customer feedback

“…it is remarkable that so much information has survived from that early period and I am grateful for your meticulous research.”

“I was so pleased to receive your report yesterday, it was so interesting to read. I am quite sure it was a challenge!”

Sales Particular for a Water Corn Mill in Exning, 1882

Sales Particular for a Water Corn Mill in Exning, 1882

“Ordinance Survey Map of Cockfield, Second Edition 1904, L.V.13 55.13
This map does not mention the Punchbowl by name. The only public house mentioned on this map is The Six Bells.
I decided to look at the tithe and apportionment for Cockfield. Although this was dated 1813, and therefore a little earlier than the time of Robert Scott I hope that this would show where the Punch Bowl was.
Cockfield Tithe Map and Apportionment, T39/1, 2 1813
Punch Bowl Inn, Yard Etc. Land owner- William Wolton  Occupier- Robert Little. This apportionment tells us that the Punchbowl Inn was located in section 98. This puts in very close to the border with Bradfield St Clare.
I was then able to find it on the following map,
Ordinance Survey Map of Cockfield, Second Edition ,1905, LV N.W, 55NW/SW”

“Isaac Jackson singleman of the parish of Rattlesden and Sarah Edgar of this parish singlewoman were married in this Church by Licence with consent of parents this seventh day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. By me William Roberts Curate.
This marriage was solemnized between us Isaac Jackson & Sarah Edgar
In the presence of Edmund Edgar & Mary Ann Edgar
Points to note about this entry are: the couple married by licence not by banns. Consent was sought from parents which suggests one of them was under the age of 21 years, but they did both sign the register themselves meaning they were educated.”