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Notes by B Brown on S.H.

Mrs Frank Pretty d(aughter) of Mr Dempster

She lived at Vale Royal Cheshire a Religious House and did a little excavation the chauffeur Mr Lyons told me he was photographed holding a human bone and a photo appeared in a local paper and the small dig was stopped.

When she (Mrs P) came to Sutton Hoo therefore when she became owner of an estate with a group of mounds marked Tumuli she (she) speculated whether they really was burial mounds or not?

Regarding the 1938 & 1939

I will first of all say that of the many actors in the drama I am the only one who went through the 1938 & 1939 digs and Mrs Pretty remarked during the 1939 dig that “Brown began the ship and he will be here at the finish”.  A story is even now current in some quarters that Mrs Pretty had a vision of a burial procession with white robed priests wending its way to the burial mounds: but the truth is more prosaic and very few had heard of the interest in archaeological excavation before even the Sutton Hoo estate was purchased of a dig while at a monastic site in Cheshire.  The story of an Anglian burial ship with the most wonderful treasure of gold and silver (assuredly ever found in this country just before the outbreak of war in 1939 is an interesting one. The site at apricot plantation area on the Sutton Hills over- (ends)