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The Story of Suffolk Badminton Project

Suffolk Saxons – the first professional badminton team in the county was formed in 2016.  To celebrate this new era of professional badminton the Record Office is working with Suffolk Badminton Association and others to discover more about the early history of the game in the county.  Researchers are uncovering a wealth of information which will eventually be available on this website.

We are beginning to uncover stories about the places the sport was played and the people involved, but have so far uncovered few records earlier than 1946.  We would love to hear from any clubs, local organisations, families and individuals who were connected with badminton pre-war.  From 1946 onwards we hold more records, but few photographs.  We would be delighted to see any photographs of the places badminton was played: village halls, aircraft hangers, pea factories, schools and even disused and drained swimming pools as at Glevering.  We would also like more photographs of people playing, teams, award ceremonies etc.  We would also be pleased to receive more information about the international badminton events and exhibitions that were held in Suffolk, such as those which took place at St Matthews Baths Hall in Ipswich in 1952, or the Wesley Hall, High Street, Lowestoft in 1968.

What can you do to help?
We would encourage organisations across the county to consider placing their unique and irreplaceable archives in the Suffolk Record Office, so that they are catalogued, preserved and made available for current and future users.

We would like local enthusiasts to help uncover the history of badminton in their community and ensure it is documented by perhaps: recording the memories of older or former members of their club, or school team; digitising photographs to add to record office collections; or helping to put together an exhibition.

If you:
• Know of any individuals or club that may be interested in helping with the project
• Or know of any records such as: minutes, annual reports, newsletters, membership records, fixture cards, programmes, score books, scrapbooks, photographs, film, video, or audio recordings etc.
Then please contact:
Hilary Ritchie, Project Archivist  Email: mailto: