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Advice for children moving to the UK

Using pamphlets from Suffolk Archives for inspiration, students at Liberty Intermediate School have written their own illustrated book of advice for US military-connected children aged 9-11 moving to Suffolk. Their book covers housing, friendships, food, sport, travel, culture, and keeping in touch with family and friends.

Here is some of the advice the students have for other children relocating to the UK.

When you move somewhere new, you have to make new friends. Here are some things to know if you’re having a hard time making friends. First, when you move there try walking around, and getting to know some of the people that live there. Also, when you go to school, ask the teacher to introduce you to everyone else so they at least know your name. Another thing you can do is play sports so when you join a team you’ll make friends because you’ll be with them for a while. Making friends isn’t hard when you get more friends, and know how to do it with more confidence.

-Kanani, Grade 5

I found out about fish and “chips” when I went to a restaurant. But I learned there that here, chips mean fries. Tea will become a habit and sometimes people I know have said a whole sentence in a British accent. But there are tea, scones, macaroons, British ice cream and more!

-Sophia, Grade 4

When you first move to England you are probably wondering what sports do the people in England play. Well I have your answer they mostly play soccer which they call football. They also play a game called cricket, which is basically baseball in this country. If you’re thinking about playing American football you can only play with Mildenhall or Lakenheath youth center programs. Here in England they call football rugby.

Ryder, Grade 5

Also, notice that lots of people around you (outside the base, and sometimes inside) will have English accents. Don’t make fun of them. They might sound a little funny, since you might not ever have heard them, but what if they did that to you? Hmm… You would not feel good about that.

Laura, Grade 5

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