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Moving drama

Students of the National Elementary Honor Society at Liberty Intermediate School were inspired to write and perform a drama about their story of moving to Suffolk. The students wrote the script, made props, and performed the drama which has been made into a video.

Here are some extracts from their drama script:

Dad: Well, I got some news, not sure if it is good or bad…

Laura: What is it, Dad?

Kaleah: Yeah, Dad, what’s up?

Ellie: Huh?

Dad: Well we have been in Virginia for nearly 7 years and your mom and I decided to put England on our dream sheet for an overseas assignment, and…..Well, we got it! We are moving to England, Lakenheath to be exact.


Laura: Wow, I can’t even believe how sad my sisters and I were the first few months we were here. Kaleah couldn’t try out for Basketball because we got here just past the deadline, and she was the saddest I have ever seen her. Poor Ellie, every time mom would talk to her best friend, Ellie would interrupt to ask to talk to Erin. Things are better now that they have friends.

Abby: Why were you so quiet the first few weeks of school?

Jehkyra: Yea, I remember asking you to sit at our lunch table, and you kept sitting alone.

Laura: I was just scared and shy. It’s hard making new friends when you miss your old ones.

Jehkyra: Yeah, we get it.

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