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Sharing Suffolk Stories: Anonymous

Anonymous has shared their story with the Pride in Suffolk’s Past project through our online survey.

‘People who know me well, both personally and at work, know that I am happily married to a woman but I still have to come out frequently to new people I meet, usually by introducing or talking about my wife! Responses are usually either nonplussed or surprised with an element of interest, which doesn’t worry me.’

‘Other than the very, very occasional stare or tut when I’m holding hands with my wife in public, I have not been personally targeted due to my sexuality.’

‘I think we all have our own journey to go on and, if mine had been different, I may not have met my beautiful wife when I did and have the love that I do now. However, I suppose the one thing I would want to say [to my teenage self] is that ‘you are okay just as you are – and you are certainly not alone!’.

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