We offer a variety of copying services, depending on the archive material and whether it can be safely copied.

Copies can be ordered in a variety of formats:

  • paper
  • digital [jpegs/tiffs/etc]

How do I request this service?

You can request for an item to be requested online or by contacting us.

Request a quote online:

You can request a copying quotation online for certain archive collections.  Click on the Ordering and Viewing tab and select the pink Request a Quote button.  Once you’ve submitted your request staff will quote the copying price.  The quote will be sent to you by email and you can then pay online for this copying.  Once the payment has been authorised the digitisation team will process your order.

Request a quote by contacting us [email or post]:

At present you can only submit a quote request for items where the catalogue is online.  To request a quote for items not yet on the website please contact the branch with the reference of the items you wish to have copied along with the format [paper/jpeg/tiff/etc]. A quote along with instructions of how to pay for this online will be sent to you.

Already received a quote? Please follow the instructions and complete the form and payment here.


A large number of wills are now available for online purchase – customers can identity these by the thumbnail that is attached to the catalogue record.  These wills can be downloaded for £6 by clicking on the  Ordering and Viewing tab, and then selecting the pink Purchase button.  Payment can be made by credit or debit card and the image is immediately available for download.

How much will it cost?

Prices depend on a number of factors:

  • can the item be photocopied or does it have to be digitised?
  • has the item already been digitised?
  • how many pages are being copied?
  • what format is required?
  • is it being posted or emailed?

Copying price list can be found here.

Accurate quotes can be obtained by submitting a request or contacting us.

How can I use my images?

Images are supplied for private study and non-commercial use only.  If you want to use an image for any other purpose, including websites, books, talks, social media, etc please contact us and they will advise further.  There may be additional charges to pay, depending on rights management issues, such as the ownership of the physical item and also the copyright.