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East Coast Floods, 1953

On the night of the 31st January 1953 a huge tidal surge flooded the UK’s East Coast, causing widespread devastation and loss of life. One of the affected coastal areas was Felixstowe, where 41 people lost their lives.

There are very few people around today who have memories of the floods, but Audrey lived in Langer Road and was one of the survivors.  In this story she recounts her recollections of that fateful night.

The Night of the Floods from Chronicle Digital Storytelling on Vimeo.

Suffolk Archives were honoured to work with Chronicle to record Audrey’s story as part of the Time Capsule project  last year.  This story is one of several that are to be preserved in the Archives for future generations to reflect upon.  When the Time Capsules are opened in 100 years or so, we hope Audrey’s memory and the memory of those who lost their lives in the floods will be remembered again through Audrey’s voice.

In recognition of the fact that the new Hold building is due to open this year, and that this story is such an important memory for Suffolk, we have sought permission from Audrey and her family to share this special story on the anniversary of the Floods.

Chronicle – Preserving life stories.

Audrey in 2019

Images from the Felixstowe flood (Ref:K1012):