Some digital images are available free of charge while others can be purchased.  If you have any problems downloading images please try following these instructions. Please leave up to 5 minutes for the image to download, some files are quite large.

Once you have purchased a download you have two options:

  1. download images immediately after purchasing them
  2. access them via Your Downloads area of your account at any point.

Download images immediately after purchasing them

Once you have paid for your transaction there will be a link to your purchase.  Click on the blue Go to Your Purchases button.  A list of your purchases, both downloads and quotes, will be provided.  You can then follow the steps below to access the image and save it to your own files.

Accessing images via Your downloads area of the website

Sign into your account

Choose the Your Downloads option

Locate the relevant item and click on Show More, then click to Download.

The image will appear in a pop-up box.  You may get a black screen asking you to wait.  It should only take a couple of minutes, depending on the size of the document and your download speed.  If there is a significant wait of over 5 minutes it’s best to close the pop-up and click on the download button again.  Scroll down to the bottom left and click on the download icon.  The following message will appear.  Click on Edit Settings.

Ensure the Two Page View is unticked.  Close the window using the blue cross in the top right.

Click on the download icon and you should see the following options.  Select the middle radar button (largest image dimensions) and the individual page will download and appear as a separate tab in your browser.  Occasionally the blue download button will not appear.  If this happens close the box using the blue cross and click on the download button again.  This is an error which has been raised with our web developers.

You can then save the images to your computer.  Once you’ve saved the first page, go back to the images and select the second page.  These images can then be viewed using your standard image software.

If you are still having problems please contact us via the message options and we will do our best to help. There is no set time period within which you need to download your images from the website and save them onto your computer.