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A is for Aswan Dam

Commemorative album of newscuttings relating to the building of the Aswan Dam 1899-1908, HC472/8/2/4/1

This album forms part of the Ransome and Rapier archive.  The collection, which is held at the Ipswich Record Office, includes the usual corporate, shareholding, financial and staff records as well as the records of production, trade, marketing and premises.  They cover all aspects of the firm’s activities from railway equipment in 1869 (including the famous first railway in China) through crane manufacture, river and flood control (the ‘Stoney’ Sluice system) and the development of the crane-based excavator into the largest walking draglines in the world.

The Aswan Dam was the first of many water-accumulating barrages and brought 300,000 acres of land under cultivation.  It took nearly three years to build and was described by some engineers as ‘a rival of the Pyramids and the Sphinx’.