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L is for Lemon Squeezer

St Mary’s The Virgin Parham, Lemon Squeezer
According to the church guide, an argument in 1824 between Parham and neighbouring Hacheston caused a dispute between the two parishes.  The vicar, G J Haggitt, who was in charge of both parishes, decided to commission the lemon squeezer in an attempt to mend the division, on which he had the following inscribed:

“May the acid be all in our punch and none in our composition” along with the names of the Hacheston churchwardens.

On the other side “may the sugar spirit and water in the bowl be emblems of sweet temper, good spirit and sobriety in ourselves” along with the names churchwardens of Parham.

In addition, one side was marked “gift of the vicar of Hacheston” and the other “gift of the vicar of Parham.” It is believed that he then invited both sides to enjoy a bowl of punch with him, in the spirit of reconciliation.

Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any further records which establish either the cause of the division in the first place, or if the vicar’s subsequent attempts resolved the situation.  If anyone knows any more details please let us know!

Lemon squeezer