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Q is for Martello Tower Q

How many bricks does it take to make a Martello Tower?

Apparently an architect has calculated that over 700,000 bricks were needed for each of the 29 Martello structures which line the Essex and Suffolk coast. The bricks were bonded with a very hard mortar made up of lime, ash and tallow making the walls very difficult to penetrate. Work on building the towers started after the Battle of Trafalgar and they were designed to defend the coast against any invasion by the French. An advert appears in the Ipswich Journal in June 1808 giving notice of the intention to build them. From Tower A at St Osyth in Essex to Tower CC at Slaughden in Suffolk, 26 of the towers were labelled with a letter of the alphabet A-Z, with the final three being given AA, BB and CC. Tower Q at South Hill, Felixstowe was converted to a private residence in 1946.