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R is for Rougham’s Disappearing House

This is a phenomenon which has fascinated both locals and visitors for many years, a house that appears and is then gone. These sightings are situated on a stretch of road between Rougham Green and Bradfield St George but the actual location and description of the house can vary. The first recorded sighting was in 1860, Mr Robert Palfrey was working in his fields on a pleasant June evening. His account says he shivered as the evening became chilly and was then shocked to see a large redbrick house with gardens where there had not been one a moment ago.

Over the years there have been many sightings, mostly describing a large Georgian House often with elaborate gardens. Although research has been undertaken in the Record Office nothing has been firmly established as to a building in this area. From several sources there are two possibilities of houses that were once in the area but have been demolished prior to 1860. The first is “Horncastle”, the other is “Kings Hall House”. There are many reports and theories on the internet regarding this strange mystery.