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E is for Eggs

When we look back through the archives it is interesting to find that we weren’t always so keen on wildlife conservation. In the extract shown, from the Henham Parish Minutes (HA11/B/24/1/page 37 and 38), you can read of the rewards offered for the collection of sparrow’s eggs – along with the sparrows and rats!

Today, in the UK, both the House and Tree Sparrow warrants conservation status Red, which means its population is under threat.

For more information about the House Sparrow why not take a look at the Suffolk Bird Atlas on the Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service (SBIS) website.

These minutes are part of the HA11 collection – The Rous Family Archives, much of which is on open access at the Ipswich branch and contains an amazing snapshot of the working of several farm estates and manor houses in Suffolk, sometimes down to the individual labourer and the task he was carrying out on any particular day.