Suffolk Archives has developed a countywide programme of activities to complement the development of  The Hold, aimed at engaging more people than ever before with Suffolk’s archival heritage.

One of the largest parts of this programme is Sharing Suffolk Stories, which runs until autumn 2022.

The idea is simple; we enable groups of people to learn more about where they live, create their own responses to it, and share their work as widely as possible – including to new audiences. Participants are supported to delve into our collections to uncover unique stories about the people, places and events of our county, often hidden in the archives.

The ‘sharing’ could take the form of producing a new booklet, creating digital resources, or putting on a talk or lecture, or how about using artwork, drama, storytelling, or music?

You can contact us about these projects on [email protected]

Three people smiling behind a stall at Pride 2019. The stall is outdoors, and has a purple tablecloth and colourful bunting with the logos for Pride in Suffolk's Past, Sharing Suffolk Stories, and Suffolk Archives

Pride in Suffolk's Past

Exploring LGBTQ+ history in Suffolk and collecting contemporary stories

A parade of Women's Land Army members through a street. Women marching past smile up at the camera; one holds a sign above their heads which says Campsea Ashe, another holds a sign which says Peasenhall

Soil Sisters

Putting the Women’s Land Army on the map in Suffolk

Stow Stories

Investigating the history of Stowmarket and its rivers

Colour photograph of five people stood in front of a red telephone box

Land and Shore

A journey to discover lost communities

Britten's High Street

Exploring the Aldeburgh High Street that composer Benjamin Britten would have known

Stories of RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall

Investigating 70 years of airbase and community

Black and white photograph of Market Hill in Sudbury, with market stalls set out and people milling about

Markets of the Past and Present

Investigating the role that markets have played in shaping our towns and our way of life, and the how markets are changing today to meet modern needs

Suffolk's Climate, Past, Present, and Future

Exploring the history of Suffolk’s climate, inspired by the story of Orlando Whistlecraft, the Weather Prophet of Thwaite

US Black Servicemen in Suffolk during WWII

Discovering the stories of black US servicemen who built USAAF Airfields in Suffolk in WW2

Rooted in History

A creative heritage project to support people’s mental health and wellbeing

'We have to move on'

Investigating the stories of Jewish refugees in Newmarket in WW2

National Lottery Heritage Fund logoSharing Suffolk Stories is supported by funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund