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Markets of the past and present


Many of Suffolk’s towns have grown up around a marketplace, and a thriving market can give life and character to a town today.

Using Sudbury as a case study, this project is going to investigate the role that markets have played in shaping our towns and our way of life, and the how markets are changing today to meet modern needs.

A market has been a fixture of Sudbury for over 1000 years and markets are still an important part of life in the town today. This project, in partnership with Sudbury Ephemera Archive, will research and bring together material on the history of all of Sudbury’s markets, including the cattle and dead stock markets and Corn Exchange, and record the stories of today’s traders and shoppers. The stories collected will then be shared in a creative way to take them to a wider audience.

Take part

We are looking for a Project Co-ordinator to lead this project. You will get to meet new people, learn more about your local area, be part of preserving and sharing your history, and have fun!

Share your memories

As well as researching archive collections this project aims to collect people’s stories and memories about the different markets in Sudbury (this includes the market on Market Hill, the Corn Exchange, and livestock and deadstock auctions). If you have memories you could share with the project we would love to hear from you through our online survey.

Sharing Suffolk Stories

Sudbury Market is a Sharing Suffolk Stories project, part of a countywide programme of activities to run alongside the development of ‘The Hold’, which will engage more people than ever before in Suffolk’s archival heritage.