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Suffolk’s Climate: Past, Present, and Future

This project will explore the impact of weather and climate on life in Suffolk in the past, today, and in the future. Taking place across Suffolk the project will blend historical research, nature studies, and creativity.

Whistlecraft’s Weather Almanac, 1877

Our starting point will be the story of Orlando Whistlecraft (1810-1893), who was known as the Weather Prophet of Thwaite. For several decades he made a detailed study of the weather, and published annual almanacs with his predictions for the year’s weather, and notes on what plants and animals you could expect to see at different times of year.

Themes this project will explore include:

  • Weather/climate and its impact on our lives – in the past and today
  • Observations of the natural world around us – including getting outside
  • How the landscape and climate across Suffolk have changed and are changing


Sharing Suffolk Stories

Suffolk’s Climate: Past, Present, and Future is a Sharing Suffolk Stories project, part of a countywide programme of activities to run alongside the development of ‘The Hold’, which will engage more people than ever before in Suffolk’s archival heritage.