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Time to Say Thank You!

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. The work you do enhances the archives for everyone. Here is what some of our Volunteer Managers had to say about volunteers:

‘I really love the energy and enthusiasm about archives that volunteers bring with them and their willingness to share their own knowledge.  We are fortunate that our volunteers show such commitment to the service and it is so rewarding to see their different contributions and watch them develop into members of the wider Suffolk Archives team.’ – Bridget, Senior Archivist

‘Knowing that Sharing Suffolk Stories volunteers have given up their time to help us discover and share the stories from the archives with the wider community is admiral. They may have their own motivations to get involved but I see only genuine and selfless commitment to these projects. I feel privileged to share in their wonder and enjoyment of discovery and the pleasure in sharing their knowledge with others. I consider everyone of them a friend and it has been a pleasure to chat/work/discover/innovate/wonder/sing/laugh/eat with them all.’ – Mandy, Community and Learning Officer

‘It is a genuine pleasure to be able to work alongside so many enthusiastic and committed volunteers. Whether it is their first project with Suffolk Archives, or they have been volunteer already for many years they each bring their own ideas, skills, and exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm. Working with such a range of people is a wonderful experience and I am continually amazed by the wonderful research and work they produce, going above and beyond for the benefit of their communities. I look forward to many more projects with new and familiar faces in the future!’ – Emily Shepperson, Exhibitions and Interpretation Officer

‘Our volunteers enable us to do much more than we ever could on our own, and bring their own skills, knowledge, and perspective to our projects. I’m always amazed at people’s generosity with their time and effort. It’s lovely to see people enjoy what they are doing at Suffolk Archives, and I hope that they benefit from it as much as we do.’ – Hannah, Community and Learning Officer

‘Our volunteers help us to tap into a diverse range of skills, personal experience and knowledge from within the very core of the community we serve. As a collective, they bring bucket-loads of excitement and enthusiasm to the table along with a great diversity of qualities and expertise, which enriches us massively as an organisation. It is ever so rewarding to see how, whilst helping us to grow and take advantage of opportunities to improve what we do, our volunteers in turn seem to thrive on the companionship, learning opportunities and skills development they enjoy whilst working with us. I truly value and appreciate the time, loyalty and commitment our volunteers offer us, and particularly cherish the way they can bring in new opinions, ideas and approaches. They can often be a breath of fresh air! Finally, I quite simply enjoy their company as team members and friends, and have loved getting to know our volunteers as individuals over the time I have worked with them.’ – Victoria, Archivist

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